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Inspired by a passionate love of the Ocean, the
‘Rhythm of Blue’ line of decorative home accents will
bring a tang of salty air and fresh sea breeze into the
heart of your home. Whether you are living on the coast or
nestled in the mountains, our range of designs will
delight and compliment your style.
Founder of the company, Nancy Nicholson, was born
and raised on the Caribbean island of Antigua. She has
been digging clay and creating pottery which reflects her
maritime heritage for the past twenty years. As a child,
she hunted in the hills for artifacts which revealed
designs created by the Amerindians of the pre-Columbian
era. These patterns are incorporated into her work today,
bringing to light and reworking their symbolism, so they
can again be uncovered by future generations. Through
creative expression all cultures are linked together.
The exciting collaboration of Nancy´s creative
passion combined with the experience and talent of her
colleagues in Latin America enables you to have access to
this unique pottery. The bold forms become the canvas for
expression and each piece is unique and handcrafted. The
years of experience of these artisans allow you to receive
the pieces of your choice in the guaranteed time frame and
to your expectation of Quality. A percentage of your
purchase will go toward the protection of the oceans from
which this inspiration emerges. Together we can make a